The Epiphany Grand Opening: Another new twist on gacha



Recently we have had some new additions to the shopping fair circuit and I have to say this one again brings something new to the table as far as gacha is concerned. Now we all (I’m saying all so I feel better about myself :P) have a ton of random commons floating around in our inventories we either don’t know what to do with or are to lazy to post for sale. It can’t just be me right? Well The Epiphany Gacha Fair brings the idea that you can trade in your unused common items for points. Each common is worth a point and if you’re super lucky and have duplicate rares you can trade them in for 3 points. You can then redeem the points for special rares made by the various gacha vendors. Cool huh?

I went shopping (of course I did come on it’s me) and took some photos. If you’d like to check out the event, and I highly recommend it, you can get the location here.

red cora eyesblue cora eyes



In the first photo set I’m wearing…

{le fil casse} midnight in paris vixen set RARE @Epiphany
[Buzz] Cora Eyes – Angel @Epiphany
[DUE] Liv – Ombre 2 @Epiphany
Salt&Pepper collar Freya in metal

In the second photo set I’m wearing…

*May’s Soul* La parca, camisk Big black
*May’s Soul* La parca, bra red
*May’s Soul* La parca, thong red
*May’s Soul* La parca. blind
[Buzz] Cora Eyes – Demon
[CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Gold+B) common
B.C.C. Dandelion girl lamp staff (wear pose) Standing RARE
^ALL AT The Epiphany^


Hope everyone has an awesome weekend 😉 ♥Britny

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