Yar’s Zombie Princess


I love… let me start that over. I FREAKING ADORE and go totally nutso over recreating fun images in SL. During a screen sharing session I got to see a pretty awesome image on Yar’s computer and almost instantly told him to turn around and not look at me until I told him to. I love to surprise this boy so I figured this might be a fun way…

Yar's original zombie girl photo...

Yar’s original zombie girl photo…

My version...

My version…

I went… a little bloodier with my image but I tend to go all out in everything I do and if I was a zombie I dare say I would be a pretty messy eater so there ya go.    xP  If anyone has any cool images for me to recreate send ’em over.

*noms some brains* ♥ Britny

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