Tomboi and Letting My Andro Obsession Run Wild ❤


Some of you might not know this about me unless you know me in world but 9 times out of 10 I’m not dressed very girly… hard to tell by looking at my Flickr huh? When I take photos I like to play dress up but my everyday clothes? The ones I live in?… those are usually an androgynous mix consisting of some form of denim, a comfy yet stylish top, and a short haircut usually with buzzed sides. I can do pink and pretty with the best of them but my comfy spot is something far different… so imagine my giddiness when I discovered   [ tomboi ] .  :3  <— this is my happy face right here. They are a store specializing in stylish androgynous clothes that anyone, male or female, would not only be comfortable in but in my opinion look pretty dang hot.

I’ll be rolling out some looks here in the near future but in the meantime if you would like to check out their offerings yourself you can go to the [ tomboi ] mainstore, or if you’re a marketplace shopper like some you can check here. This first outfit- Beach Getaway- is one of the new releases and is only $125 for a full outfit! Top, bottoms, flipflops and sunglasses are all included 🙂

[ tomboi ]  Beach Getaway

[ tomboi ] Beach Getaway


Happy shopping loves! ❤ Britny

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