Daddy’s Desk


Happy rez day to me!! 😀 We spent the day doing whatever this princess wanted to do… which was shop and take photos. Got to wear my new nebula lingerie from Foxes which is gorgeous and come on… gotta love some fitmesh. First pose tonight, sitting on daddy’s desk, comes from the wonderful Taka Poses. Relax really is an awesome pose and worked perfectly for what I needed. Second pose is from Thrall Two from oOo Studio and last month’s The Mens Dept. Such a sensual pose, love it.

daddy's desk

Foxes {Intimates} Bar & Panties in nebula @C88

my pose: Taka Poses – Relax

AALLLLL the guns are from Breach:

featuring Raven, AK-47, and 92F

Thrall 2

pose: oOoStudio from a past TMD event

both bikes from [sau]

The Birthday Girl  😉

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