angels final

I’m wearing…
+Spellbound+ Asylum (Halloween Gift) // Grimoire : Complete
+Spellbound+ Asylum Tears black – group gift
GLOWING EYE LEFT +Fallen Gods Inc.+
!dM Shibari – ropeHarness **BLACK**
[CX] Carnal Rings (Silver)
antielle. Appetizer / Bites Only
(^-^) Koi Chi – Cuff Bruises
CATWA Lying Rose [White]
KOSH– SANCTUARY NECKLACE [inverted] chest -female-
[CX] Cherry Buns Stockings

*NEW from {aii} @the mainstore*
+ Death Geta + {aii}

an lar [poses] The Neverland Series – Four NEW @Enchantment

Chouchou V, Momento mori

“I can remember When you hurt me so bad

But now the tables turn Apocalypse is coming

I can remember When you left me so sad

But in the end I learned that rains in hell and Angels could be bad

Some say I’m losing my faith

But I know I’m just living on a prayer”



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