Love Death Immortality


dragon queen finaldragon queen close up

I’m wearing…
Glam Affair – Lia Shy Girl Asia Catwa Applier
Runaway – Waterfall Hair
Antielle – The Inner Mermaid (Metallic)
*Tentacio* Galatea Doll Thong / Silver

NEW from Aii The Ugly & The Beautiful @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival open 2/7
The Dragon Queen:
-Dragon Eyes Violet (also in blue & gold)
-Light Ancient Dragon Horns
-Light Dragon Horns
-Light Dragon Choker
-Light Dragon Shawl
-Light Dragon Tail
-Light Fire Aura Shawl RARE
(Set also comes in a dark series with hints of red instead of violet)

NEW from Aii The Ugly & The Beautiful @The Gacha Garden
from the Kami Guardian gacha:
Many Names OMEGA tattoo appliers

NEW from Axix @The Gacha Garden
The Zydien Jewels Gacha:
-Zydien Head Chains (silver)
-Zydien Mouth Piercing (silver)
-Zydien Nose Piercing
-Zydien Earpiece (all colors) – Seed of Inspiration
(Set also come in gold with blue, green & pink jewel colors, SOI is gifted after 20 pulls)

LuLu – 1GRIFFE Chrome claw rings New @Cosmopolitan
(comes with unrigged, fitted to Maitreya, Slink Elegant, or male TMP)

Ricielli – EIRA High Heels New @Cosmopolitan
(fitted to Maitreya, Belleza, link, TMP & HUD customizable with 16 colors)

Signature Pose: Smile For Me! (outdoor photo) NEW LOCATION!



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