dollhouse final

I’m wearing…
MOON Hair – Nova Faerye
Cae – Obey Collar
antielle – moonlight justice tattoo
Moon Amore&Cureless – Tea Party Dress RARE @The Arcade
MoonAmore&Cureless – Antoinette’s Closet Headress ROSE @The Arcade
Pixel Geek – Bow anklet cuffs

MuddPuddles – Painted Wall Shelf
tres blah – Eclectic Collection – Roses & Workspace – Silver Mason Jar of Roses
Claimed – Naughty Vintage Board – Brat
oyasumi – kinky gear

Stockholm&Lima -The Tea Party Table [D/s] @FaMESHed
Available in a Props Version, PG Version (14 Female Sits, 6 Sits, 3 friend couple anims), Vanilla Version (PG+ 14 adult anims, 1 blowjob sequence), D/s Version (all of the above+ spanking sequence, bondage anims, RLV enabled with capture pose, D/s driven menu, custom cuffs, blindfold &gags)



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