Ironwood Hills is baaaaack! I repeat…. IRONWOOD HILLS IS BACK! :3   Ok… now that I’ve gotten that out and I’ve calmed down I’ll give you some details: Cyrus and Jestyr did a fucking amazing job with this sim. You want abandoned city? They gotcha. Graveyard? Haunted carnival ? Maybe you’re looking for a colony that survived the zombie apocalypse? All of it… its all there and done in epic proportions just like fans of this sim have come to expect. I’m not even going to give you the “if you want to check it out” spiel, just go. Seriously. I took this latest photo in the caves hidden in the hills.

opalite final

I’m wearing…
Fallen Gods Inc. – GLOWING EYE
Clemmm – Bloody Hands

NEW from The Ugly & The Beautiful:
Opalite Oracle Cloak
Opalite Oracle Bottoms
Opalite Oracle Top
Opalite Oracle Flexi Streamers
Opalite Oracle Lights Skirt

Dead Sleepless Skin OMEGA appliers head/body

Rose & Thorn Poses – Follow The White Rabbit



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