I Run To You


i run to you final.png

I’m wearing…
barberyumyum – 65B
Amara beauty – Lucie Catwa Appliers Porcelain @We♥RP
[BAMBOO] – IDONI LIPS Catwa Applier @Cosmopolitan
Reckless – Miel tattoo @TMD
Anachron – Kinchaku Purse – Yagasuri @Cosmopolitan
Agapee – Eva dress @Cosmopolitan
G&D – Sabot Allegra heels @Cosmopolitan

New from Monkey Banana [RH] Design House @Cosmopolitan :
2-Sake Bar Gacha -Hiyoke- (Blue)
5 – Sake Bar Gacha -Noren- (Blue)
6- Sake Bar Gacha -Signboard
15- Sake Bar Gacha -Light (Bamboo)
14- Sake Bar Gacha – light(Flower)
9- Sake Bar Gacha -Stool
7- Sake Bar Gach -Counter

Belle Epoque – Inner Child 4 @Cosmopolitan



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