Let Me Know


Let Me Know

I’m wearing…
LCKY – Sierra     @ The 100 Block
NikotiN – Classic Cigarette
Bolson – Osiris Tattoo Applier
United Colors – Wild Lara Leather high heel

United Colors – Leather Temptation dress      NEW @Cosmopolitan
NEW from Insol Creations – Daria Skin

Gideon is wearing…
Drot – Ash
MONS – SeptumRing & NoseChain
Bolson – Mr Mockup Tattoo Applier
Gabriel – Cross Long Tank & Biker Jean/boots  Gray     @The Epiphany

.K h o i. – Imai Dufflebag/Backpack [X’d]      NEW @Kustom9

L’Etre – Photography background [#2]
RAMA – #selfie RAMA Tokyo Garage

{Rose & Thorn} Poses – True Love (now on marketplace)



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