I’m wearing…
[KoKoLoReS] – Leela hair      @Hairology
The Skinnery – Nana Catwa Applier      @Collabor88
Clemmm – Not so Medical Eyepatch & Nosebleed Prototype
[RAB] – C4T3 Black Ear & Tail
Razor – Guardian Harness & Gage Gloves
[Neurolab Inc.] – Collar NX-6
[CX] – Drop Septum, Armored nipple covers, Leather Undergarments, Impaled Ears, & Metal Claws Nightfall
CURELESS – Tansangelism tattoo RARE
Suicidal Unborn – Ripped Nylon Stockings

(epia) – Epsilon Combat Boot Digiti

Merlific – CyberZ Arm Sword WHITE & Arm Studs      NEW @CyberZ (open 5/13)

Signature Pose – Thoughts Of You (pose set 15)      NEW @Gen Neutral

“Sweet invasion
You can break the walls around me
I’ve been waiting
For you to cross the line at my feet

Whoa I’ll face you
Whoa I got you now
Whoa I’ll take you
Anyplace and anyhow

Come and fight for your life
Don’t let me down, don’t let me down
If you love me tonight
Meet me on the battleground, the battleground
If love becomes a war
Let the banners fly, let the arrows soar
This love’s worth fighting for
Would you raise your sword, come and make me yours
On the battleground”



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