It’s Strange


It's Strange

My Lily Monster and I needed a new photo ♥

Featuring cute new backpacks from .K h o i. and part of a tattoo from Reckless that you’ll see more of later. I’m also again featuring an awesome balloon with such heart felt sentimental endearments on it from a good friend of mine, Caro, formerly with Nerdology. I say formerly because she is stepping out on her own in a big way and will be opening a new store! All the yays and goodlucks going her way as well as a note to keep an eye out here because you gon’ get to see it all here at some point ♥

I’m wearing…
Reckless – Jett      @Whimsical

.K h o i. – Leather Bucket Backpack in black      NEW@SaNaRae

Nerdology (closing) – Anti-Valentine Balloon: You Suck.

.click. – Carried

“It’s strange, but I don’t need space from you

And every single thing you do, I like

I’ve been chased; maybe I just knew I had to wait for you

Draw a knife and carve a little space for you

It feels nice”



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