Sick Like Me


Sick Like Me

I’m wearing…
Blues – Layne       NEW @Hair Fair
Villena – Black Thong
Eyecandy – band aid – heart

SECRETS – Lux Bracelet       NEW @Cosmopolitan

LAKSHMI – Peggy Catwa Applier in honey       NEW @Cosmopolitan

LAKSHMI – Honey Slink Appliers       NEW @Cosmopolitan

Fetch – Spanking Paddle – Slut       NEW @ROMP

The White Crow – Spank Marks Appliers – Slut       NEW @ROMP

Bolson – Odric tattoo       NEW @ Mens Only Monthly

[CerberusXing] – Broken Claws (Dark)       NEW @The Epiphany

Elephante Poses – Electra #4       NEW @ROMP



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