The Way I Do


The Way I Do

I’m wearing…
MIKO – Wasteland Scratches and Bunny Toki Liner

White Widow – Nerve tattoo        NEW @Cosmopolitan

TABOU – Fake Leather necklace        NEW @Cosmopolitan

Asteria – Nika        NEW @Cosmopolitan :
-Bra Black/Silver
-Panties Black
-Harness Garter Black/Silver

NO MATCH – NO SKY        50% off today for Hello Tuesday

 [CerberusXing] – Slien Cuffs Silver         coming soon @The Crossroads

Di’s Opera – Aesthetica 3        NEW @Cosmopolitan

“Lay my heart down
Laid it down for you
Laid it down for you, oh
Put my arms out
Put ’em out to you
Oh Lord I was reaching for ya
Reaching for ya

You will never know my love
You will never feel the way I do”



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