A big thank you to Nic for posing with me, you can check out her blog here for the details on the adorable outfit she’s wearing. ♥


I’m wearing…
Pink Hustler – 8102 hair
EMPIRE – Honey bottoms and legbands           @Whore Couture
EMPIRE – Spiderweb top           @Whore Couture
United Colors – Leather High heel boots
Clemmm – Bloody hands and feet

[CerberusXing] – Stray’s Cuffs & Twisted Puncture Earrings

Lovely Disarray – Axiom Collar           NEW @Cosmetic Fair
Lovely Disarray – Sick Radiance Makeup catwa applier           NEW @Cosmetic Fair
Lovely Disarray – Ghoul Eyes : Amaurotic

PSYCHO:Byts – Sadayakko Lipstick catwa applier           NEW @Cosmetic Fair

NEW from Aii The Ugly & The Beautiful – Pearlescent Devil Horns

Insol Skins & Cosmetic – Sweet&Bright Brows Virgule           NEW @Cosmetic Fair

Insol Skins & Cosmetics – Mia Skin in creme           NEW @Tres Chic

Stockholm&Lima – Elemental Canopy Bed

Stockholm&Lima – Body Pillows           NEW @Ultra



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