Beginning Of The End


OK peoples :3 here’s the deal, because of things beyond our control Memento Mori had to be closed earlier than its original end date… but… theres always a but right? On the 15th when Epiphany is open to the public Memento Mori will be opened back up to shoppers. What this means is that if you didn’t get a chance to visit and shop while it was open you’re able and if you’ve already been and you’re waiting for Epiphany to be a lil less full you get a 2nd chance to look thru and make sure you didn’t miss anything 😉   Check back here for more updates as it gets closer to the 15th. ♥



I’m wearing…
Exile – Hot hair
[CerberusXing] – Tongue Fix

Cureless – Burned Heretic body and head appliers        NEW @Salem

NEW from random.Matter – Wretched Collar from Memento Mori

NEW from Lucid – Rated R Dress from Memento Mori

NEW from Arise – Reem eyes in black from Memento Mori

Wednesday[+] – Krueger Fingers Red RARE with bloody finger appliers       NEW @The Epiphany

Caboodle – Yandere’s Competition – Bloody  from Memento Mori


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