Hit or Miss



Hit or Miss


I’m wearing…
CURELESS [+] MoonAmore – Sour Candy Choker / LoveStinks Silver
MUKA – Leg Straps

[RunAway] – Joanne Hair        NEW @Hairology

VINCUE – Sticky+Jewel

[CerberusXing] x Quirky – Phat 90s Rings       NEW @Rewind

NEW from CUREMORE  –   The 90’s Splash! Set     @Rewind:
-Strappy Sundress RARE
-Nineties Kid Tattoo appliers ULTRARARE
-Glitter Jellies in ROSE
-Crazy Feet Lollipop Cherry
-Brick Game Teal
-Icecream Cup in MINT
-HairTanglers in MINT
-Crazy Feet Package in Smurf & Cherry
-Foolby in LILAC & PURE

The Horror! – Grrl Club Bubble Chair, Fur Rug, Fur Stool, Fight Poster

Kalopsia – Star Lights

Axix – RadioGirl Radio Dreamer


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