Talk About Me



Talk About Me



I’m wearing…
CURELESS – Moonlight Jewels
[CerberusXing] – Bento Snakebites

Sari-Sari – A Bit of Wonderland – Headband (Blue)        NEW @The Arcade

[RunAway] – Delina Hair       NEW @Whore Couture

CandyDoll Andree White Shoes       NEW @FaMESHed
CandyDoll Inna White Dress Tight        NEW @FaMESHed

Spellbound – Spooky Salon  Spoopy Light nails       NEW @The Arcade

the sugar garden – Madames Bracelet       NEW @The Arcade

The White Crow – Twinkle Star        NEW @SaNaRae

dust bunny – wanderlust flower skull & thrown shirt

Schultz Bros – Soho Loft

BUENO – Decay Lockers, Pink Bike, Silence Chair, Photo Printer, Headphones Pop Deco, Laptop Blessed, Wone Bed RARE       NEW @The Arcade

.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Mini Fridge Pink, Ramen Stash, Textbooks, Wall Art, Shoe Rack RARE, Clothes Rack Pink RARE       NEW @The Arcade

The Secret Store – Framed Art       NEW @The Arcade

Le Primitif – Hand Weights & Workout Gym Bag RARE       NEW @The Arcade

Kalopsia – Bibi’s Rug Purple       NEW @The Arcade

JIAN – Scruffy Shepherds 14 Sleepy Adult       NEW @The Arcade



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