Never Letting Go


Never Letting Go

Never Letting Go close

I’m wearing…
barberyumyum – 61F
tsg – Angel Eyes – Amethyst
Anachron – Spring Kanzashi/Hairpin – Sakura & Lantern SoI
VINCUE & [CX] – Mune+Geta Snow 1
Izzie’s – Aegyo Sal catwa applier       @UBER

more more. – momo skin catwa applier milk RARE        NEW @Spring Scandal

konpeitou – kawaii-Hakama ichigo        NEW @Spring Scandal

CATWA – Lona head        NEW @Skin Fair

Cubic Cherry – {Sakura} tears        NEW @Spring Scandal

 Stitches. – Soo Jin CATWA Lona shape       NEW @Kawaii Project

photo taken at:
Nagare no Shimajima


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