Out Of The Dark


Out Of The Dark

I’m wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
HopScotch – Triple Nipple Chain
Half-Deer – Noire Antlers – Lunatic’s Charms
aisling – Sathys nipple rings/chain
Moon Elixir – Serpentis Masquerade Bra RARE
Queen of Ink – Elegance tattoo

Veechi – Ambrosia Shadow       NEW @Uber

Atomic – Summer Lovin’ Skin Milk 4         NEW @The Arcade

Tableau Vivant – Summer Hairplay – Alize RARE        NEW @The Arcade

Vinyl – Picasso Eyepatch        NEW @The Arcade

[CerberusXing] – Biomech Claws (limited group gift)
[CerberusXing] – Fighter’s Mark – Black        NEW @TMD

NEW from [EZ] – Valandar Bow, Black

Mossu Mystic gacha        NEW @Whimsical:
-Leg Chains Black
-Waist Body Chain Black
-Shoes Black
-Top Body Chain- RARE
-Panties RARE



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