Lost Girls


Lost Girls

I was just introduced to these super cute new lipsticks from Pink Fuel that I wanted to share. I love love love the tones and they are all set up so you can have a lip full of color or clicking the G under each image gives you a perfect ombre. This can either give a pop of color or you can match a lip to a skintone and fix a lip you don’t love so much on a skin you absolutely adore. ♥ Thank you Apple bb! ♥

pf lip

I’m wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
Tableau Vivant – Calliope hair
NEW from Pink Fuel – Jacqueline lipstick (gradient dark red)

Naminoke – BellFlower HairDress & HairStick        NEW @We♥RP

Axix – Heaven Pearls & Silks        NEW @We♥RP

Cubic Cherry – Xein bindi        NEW @We♥RP

EUPHORIC – Anais eyes        NEW @Vintage Fair (6/9)


Cubic Cherry – Baroque mirror Silver       NEW @Vintage Fair (6/9)

an lar poses – The Yearly Series One        NEW @We♥RP



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