Saiko closeSaiko full

I’m wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
EMPIRE – Claws Nails
tomoto – wa corsage G
CURELESS – Cutie Coven eyes

NEW from CURELESS – Fermented Fingers (nails only)

Lamb – Asleep        NEW @The Arcade

[CerberusXing] – Drop Lip Piercing (forehead), Sacrosanct Septum, & Aurora Nosechain
[CerberusXing] – Fengyue – Black//Type.1        NEW @Kustom9

Insol – Mara skin in milk tone        NEW @Kustom9

Lovely Disarray – Flushed Metacarpals & Casualty Scar         NEW @Somber

FAKEICON – Decay eye makeup        NEW @Somber

22769 – Garden Pagoda & Lanterns        NEW @We♥RP

MILA Poses – Heini 1        NEW @Vintage Fair



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