Paper Thin



Paper Thin

I’m wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
[CerberusXing] – Lance Piercing (in hair)

Glam Affair – Moana in polar tone RARE        NEW @Lootbox

Tableau Vivant – Mood hair        NEW @Kustom9

NEW from The Forge        @Lootbox:
-Kato Claws
-Kato Glove, Red
-Kato Kimono RARE
-Kato Necklace, Red
-Kato Panties, Red
-Kato Pauldron, Red

NEW from RH        @The Arcade:
1, -Building- RARE
3, -Futon B- RARE
4, -Noren (mon)-
10, -Kusaritoi- (rain chain)
14, -Light-
18, -Kimono on the floor (Obi)-
21, -Byoubu- (Screen)
25, -Sake set-
26, -Round table-


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