Pretty Young Things


Pretty Young Things


Pretty Young Things close

I’m wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
PUNCH – Nose Ring & Nyan belly piercing

Decoy – Victoria Bikin        NEW @Summerfest(6/30)

Veechi – Summer light freckles (liner and sunkiss included)         NEW @Summerfest(6/30)

WarPaint – Popsicle lips Set 2        NEW @Summerfest(6/30)

Enfer Sombre – Gabrielle skin in peach tone        NEW @Crystal Heart(6/30)

[a.e.meth] – brows        NEW @Crystal Heart(6/30)

RunAway – Cherry Hair        NEW @Hair Fair(7/1)

Neysa is wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
Atomic – Ribbon Choker – Coal
Real Evil – Precious Set

Veechi – Summer Freckles Heavy        NEW @Summerfest(6/30)
WarPaint – Popsicle lips Set 2        NEW @Summerfest(6/30)
PUMEC – January RARE        @Lootbox
=DeLa*= – Jezzie hair        NEW @Summerfest(6/30)
vincue – Mini+Kinie Bra NEW        @Kawaii Project
le fil casse – Agnes Skirt RARE        @Lootbox

NEW from FOXCITY – Infinity


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