It’s Strange


It's Strange

My Lily Monster and I needed a new photo ♥

Featuring cute new backpacks from .K h o i. and part of a tattoo from Reckless that you’ll see more of later. I’m also again featuring an awesome balloon with such heart felt sentimental endearments on it from a good friend of mine, Caro, formerly with Nerdology. I say formerly because she is stepping out on her own in a big way and will be opening a new store! All the yays and goodlucks going her way as well as a note to keep an eye out here because you gon’ get to see it all here at some point ♥

I’m wearing…
Reckless – Jett      @Whimsical

.K h o i. – Leather Bucket Backpack in black      NEW@SaNaRae

Nerdology (closing) – Anti-Valentine Balloon: You Suck.

.click. – Carried

“It’s strange, but I don’t need space from you

And every single thing you do, I like

I’ve been chased; maybe I just knew I had to wait for you

Draw a knife and carve a little space for you

It feels nice”





I’m wearing…
Tableau Vivant – Editorial Western wind
SlackGirl – KaOs Makeup
Graves – Force Outfit appliers

Aii The Ugly & The Beautiful – Silver Corruption Halo Eye (tinted blue) @The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Nerdology (store closing) – Mech Arm Black      NEW @Cyberz

Come Soon Poses – CyberPunk Full Scene

oOo Pose – Jewel five


Take It Easy


Take It Easy

I’m wearing…

Bamboo – Katherine Eyebrows      NEW @Cosmopolitan

Avi-Glam – Hypnotic Eyes Aqua Pack (Fjord)      NEW @Cosmopolitan

NO.MATCH – NO.END      50% off for Hello Tuesday 5/24

Ama – Pearl Tentacle Ring      NEW @Cosmopolitan

SECRETS – Royal Septum      NEW @Cosmopolitan

Insol Skins & Cosmetics – Lollipop glossy lips      NEW @Cosmopolitan

Hilly Haalan – Karla Dress      NEW @Cosmopolitan

Reckless – Lust      NEW @Shiny Shabby
Reckless – Kensington Bracelets Bar & Arrow in onyx      NEW @Men Only Monthly

Gideon is wearing…
N-UNO – Alex top and jeans      @Mens Only Monthly

DaD DESIGN – Birch Cottage          NEW @Shiny Shabby

Myrrine – Roial gacha set      NEW@Cosmopolitan:
-Ottoman Gold
-Ottoman Black
-Room Divider
-Wall Art
-Chair 1 RARE
-Chair 2 RARE

Q Poses – You’ve Got Mail (accessories included)      NEW @Cosmopolitan


Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake


Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake

I’m wearing…
Clemmm – Damaged knees, Sclera Prosthetic Mutant Mishap eyes
[CX] – Ironclad Claws, Stray’s Ankle Cuffs, Canidae Claws, Drop Septum
[ContraptioN] – The Carnivorous Jaw

[CX] – Kage Geta (Silver)      NEW @CCB6

G.ID – Singularity Horns      NEW @Cyberz

Salt&Pepper – Daria top & dress (optional skirt not shown)      NEW @The Dark Style Fair
(available in black, red and purple- metal hud included)

White Widow – Zoom      NEW @Shiny Shabby
(available in white and black)

NEW from Stockholm&Lima:
Double O-Ring Collar -Leather -black/silver      NEW @The Fantasy Collective
Equestria Harness -black/silver      NEW @ULTRA
Equestria Bridle -black/silver      NEW @Whimsical

Gideon is wearing…
Gabriel‘s new gacha set      @ Whimsical:
– Shirt & tie blood
– Straight paints in black
– Holster RARE

Rose & Thorn Poses – Take Me To Bed





I’m wearing…
BURLEY -Octavia
tsg – Lumenis Eyes – Zombie      @Dark Style Fair
Le Forme – Bloody Drop Eyes      @Dark Style Fair
antielle – separated Flesh tattoo (past gacha, on mp)
titzuki – bloody feast – blood drops

from the Zenith Medic Gacha      @Whimsical
-Medic Hat
-Medic gloves
-Medic receptor
-Medic Heels with long sock
-Medic first aid Belt
-Medic dress

new group gift from [CX]:
Silence is Golden (mouth staples and gash tatoo)

Signature Pose – Aching      NEW @Gen Neutral

Photo taken at Ironwood Hills


Bound 2 U


Bound 2 U

I’m wearing…
taketomi -Delia
VCO – Connie pale tone
VCO – Baby Chu mesh lip
[CX] – Twisted Puncture earrings & Ironclad Claws
[RAB] – C4T3 Tail
Clemmm – Not so Medical Eyepatch
Graves – G523 Force outfit (appliers included)

Nerdology – Clone Droid Pal

Poisoned Diamond – bubblegum boots      NEW @Cyberz

tapi – cyber goggles      NEW @Cyberz

Signature Pose – Blank Stare      NEW @Gen Neutral


Love Won’t Sleep


Love Won't Sleep

I’m wearing…
Tableau Vivant – Luminay       @Collabor88
The Skinnery – Nana Catwa Applier      @Collabor88
Violent Seduction – Aphrodite Bra & Panties
MUKA – Nasla Cuffs
LAB737 Bow Collar       @We♥RP

Waif is wearing…
Moon Hair – Light Headed Wanderer

Gideon is wearing…
Bolson – Mr Mockup
Drot – Ash

Stockholm&Lima – Elemental Bedroom Set      NEW   @ ULTRA
Available in PG (at event only!), Adult, and Poly
-5 Texture options (fully material enabled) and 21li
-12 Solo sitting animations (18 in the Poly Version)
-17 F/f Cuddles (all versions)
-12 M/f Cuddles (all versions)
-9 M/f/f Cuddles (Poly Version)
-10 F/f Adult animations (Adult&Poly Versions)
-21 M/f Adult animations (Adult&Poly Versions)
-6 M/f/f GirlOnGirl Watching animations (Poly Version Only)
-12 M/f/f Adult Animations (Poly Version Only)
-2 F/f/f Adult Animations (Poly Version Only)
-2 M/m/f Adult Animations + 16 animation sequence (Poly Version Only)


Make Me Fade



I’m wearing…
Wasabi Pills – Ryleigh
erratic – chris blindfold
Zenith – Dolly Platforms
[CX] – Ironclad Claws

Anachron – Studded Paddle   (past tough love gacha)

Bolson – Revenant        NEW @XV Event

Milk Tea – Touch Me       NEW @Cosmopolitan

[CX] – Lascivious Harness (in physique & hg)       NEW @The Dark Style Faire

ShiZZo – Hornalo        NEW @Gen Neutral

Signature Pose – Sun Rays        NEW @Gen Neutral