Yar’s Zombie Princess


I love… let me start that over. I FREAKING ADORE and go totally nutso over recreating fun images in SL. During a screen sharing session I got to see a pretty awesome image on Yar’s computer and almost instantly told him to turn around and not look at me until I told him to. I love to surprise this boy so I figured this might be a fun way…

Yar's original zombie girl photo...

Yar’s original zombie girl photo…

My version...

My version…

I went… a little bloodier with my image but I tend to go all out in everything I do and if I was a zombie I dare say I would be a pretty messy eater so there ya go.    xP  If anyone has any cool images for me to recreate send ’em over.

*noms some brains* ♥ Britny

The Epiphany Grand Opening: Another new twist on gacha



Recently we have had some new additions to the shopping fair circuit and I have to say this one again brings something new to the table as far as gacha is concerned. Now we all (I’m saying all so I feel better about myself :P) have a ton of random commons floating around in our inventories we either don’t know what to do with or are to lazy to post for sale. It can’t just be me right? Well The Epiphany Gacha Fair brings the idea that you can trade in your unused common items for points. Each common is worth a point and if you’re super lucky and have duplicate rares you can trade them in for 3 points. You can then redeem the points for special rares made by the various gacha vendors. Cool huh?

I went shopping (of course I did come on it’s me) and took some photos. If you’d like to check out the event, and I highly recommend it, you can get the location here.

red cora eyesblue cora eyes



In the first photo set I’m wearing…

{le fil casse} midnight in paris vixen set RARE @Epiphany
[Buzz] Cora Eyes – Angel @Epiphany
[DUE] Liv – Ombre 2 @Epiphany
Salt&Pepper collar Freya in metal

In the second photo set I’m wearing…

*May’s Soul* La parca, camisk Big black
*May’s Soul* La parca, bra red
*May’s Soul* La parca, thong red
*May’s Soul* La parca. blind
[Buzz] Cora Eyes – Demon
[CX] Tsukiyomi’s Halo (Gold+B) common
B.C.C. Dandelion girl lamp staff (wear pose) Standing RARE
^ALL AT The Epiphany^


Hope everyone has an awesome weekend 😉 ♥Britny

Kustom 9’s July Round



Always nice when you can put together almost an entire outfit from one shopping event. Such great stuff this round whether you come in looking for clothes, skin, or stuff to decorate with 🙂

louann labels

E-Clipse Apollo Black

[White~Widow] Whiplash tattoo

from Kustom 9:
Essences LouAnn skin Pale 01 with appliers from the mainstore
MINA Hair Myrtle
Remarkable Oblivion Lilliam Batwing Necklace in Wrought
Tee*fy Clarissa Bustier Top in Black Lace
[CX] Zip Up Bracelet in black
[monso] My Ripped Jean in black w/o net
{S0NG} :: Ciate~ Blind Eye


I have a sort of menacing smile don’t I? XD


Gods and Monsters





I said I was going to revisit things from Salt & Pepper and wanted to do a few shots to highlight the outfit I got at their awesome sale… so here we are :3 I thought a before and after shot would be fun.

I’m wearing…

Salt & Pepper Dylan Top & Bottom in black
[Tia] JOIA Maha Cuffs in black @ROMP
+pe+ S(aint) Blindfold
antielle. Smeared Makeup in Garnet
[atooly] the oakley .nipple piercings. in silver @ROMP


**Dirty Princess** Naughty Couture Princess Bed
oyasumi / kinky gear


*La Jolie Rose *Sensutality pose 7&8 @The Fantasy Collective (ends today)

Enjoy 😉 ♥Britny

I’ll leave you with the inspiration…

‘Fuck yeah give it to me this is heaven, what I truly
It’s innocence lost
Innocence lost

In the land of Gods and Monsters
I was an Angel
Looking to get fucked hard
Like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer
Life imitates art




Finally got to use my favorite pose by !bang ♥.

Thank you Dayn for posing with me and keeping company while I worked.

Baby, I’ll learn to touch you
I wanna breathe into your well
See, I gotta to hunt you
I gotta to bring you to my hell
Baby, I wanna fuck you,
I wanna feel you in my bones
Boy, I’m gonna love you
I’m gonna tear into your soul
Desire, I’m hungry
I hope you feed me
how do you want me, how do you want me?
-Meg Myers ‘Desire’

Little Demon: Summer Round of O R I G A M I


oni_002final oni_005finallogo oni_006final

This summer round of  >+ O R I G A M I +<  has some pretty cool stuff whether you’re into beautiful traditional Japanese items or like me stood in front of the Japanese horror based accessories and drooled. I bought all the things  >.>  as per the norm it seems. All of my photos were taken at Nagare because come on, there are very few sims that are more beautiful.

I’m wearing…

~SSS~ kimono katahadanugi (F) Bones
TRUTH Vida variety in white
C L A Vv. Sacred Geta Wood RARE from past Xiasumi school festival
antielle. Okami Amaterasu tattoo on feet from past Xiasumi school festival
.Pekka. Chain Collar black scripted
.Pekka. Sinners Unisex Piercing

From O R I G A M I

..::( siratama )::.. NATUMATURI gacha 10 – mekakusi 1 & 2
..::( siratama )::.. NATUMATURI gacha 9 -kaburiohuda
[CX] Tassel Kanzashi Ruby
tomoto, dragon horn black
antielle. Devil scar (Damned) on face

antielle. Gashadokuro Hook and Wings Coal

::Axix:: Lady Crow 7
[ Omen ] Peek Pose
ROQUAI The 4 Elements: Fire For Her – phoenix




art inst_005final

Photo taken with the new Captive Hook from Rack Poses at this months ROMP event. An awesome pose/prop… there will definitely be more photos coming from this.   🙂


is the staring

into another set

of eyes,

the steady voice,

the four words

softly spoken:





-Tyler Knott Gregson


Salt&Pepper & Their Beautiful New Sim



One of my favorite stores for some awesome kinky couture has moved to a beautiful new location. Think wandering through the tall grass and looking out at a rocky beach with a lighthouse in the distance. Not only is it gorgeous there but they’re having a 50% sale on everything in the store until tomorrow! I may have shopped just a little before making my way outside and snapping this photo. Even if you’re not in the market for a new collar or leash holder you should check it out here. More coming soon with all the goodies I got last night.


I miss my waifu ♥ 🐾

mine mine mine

mine mine mine

Got to see the waif for the first time in what feels like forever so we snapped a quick photo. I miss you busy betch and hope you’re having fun on your mini vaca 😉 Follow fun posts from Meow here. ♥

I’m wearing…

Eunoia bikini set in geo from *BOOM* now @Summerfest

Meow is wearing…

Strings bikini in red @ [Haste]

Loves&huggles and stuff, Brit