Freal Luv



I’m wearing…
Exile – London
HopScotch – Clothespin Nipples
Wretch – Panties Love
OA/[CON] – Sluts Harness Cuffs
Clemmm – Damaged knees, and nosebleed 8

TWC – Affection

AsteroidBox – Glassy Gag Peach        NEW @ROMP

EMPIRE – Calendula Collar & Leash        NEW @ROMP

Breath – tied up behind shirt        NEW @ROMP

Insol Skins & Cosmetics – Grace skin        NEW @Tres Chic

Fiasco – Kennel Table White RARE

“I’m all yours, when you really wanna take me there
Don’t let me go nowhere
I’d give it all up for you, I swear
Only for real love”


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