Wasted Youth


Wasted Youth

I’m wearing…
CATWA – Lona head
Cynful – Coax necklace (group gift)

EMPIRE – Summer Time – Bikini 1        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

Hazy – UsagiNyan Choker. Pink        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

[LCKY] – Frankie        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

M.BIRDIE – Marcia look-earrings        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)
M.BIRDIE – Marcia look-sunglasses2        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

Glam Affair – Dolly skin in asia tone        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

The Horror – Unicornio Highlighter        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

Ariskea [Namaste] Water Lily Lotus        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)
Ariskea [Namaste] Hut RARE        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)
Ariskea [Namaste] Golden Fish Arthur        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

PLAAKA – EucalyptusPolyanthemos        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)
PLAAKA – FicusUmbellata        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

moss&mink – summer of 69 beachball        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

[NANI] – Shiba.Cafe ~ Shiba Dog.Relax (Snow)        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)
[NANI] – Shiba.Cafe ~ Bubble.Tea (Strawberry)        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)

NEW from Soy.        NEW @The Arcade (6/1)
-10.Dwarf gourami [ORANGE]
-2.Discas [BLUE]
-1.Discas [DOT]
-7.Betta [WHITE]
-15.Guppy [AQUABLUE]
-14.Guppy [PINK]


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